RxView 13.0

RxView displays and prints more than 250 different file formats

RxView is the basic desktop application, providing viewing and printing facilities to over 250 different file formats
With RxView on their machines, the users can view, measure, compare and print their files without any other software installed on the machines. CAD Drawings, scanned papers, 3D Models, Office files and PDF files are alle handled by one piece of software - RxView.

Manufacturing, engineering, design and construction companies will realize substantial cost savings and productivity gains with use of Rasterex' viewing technology. Not only can they skip multiple seats of the original design software, but there will be only one application where installation, maintenance and update of the complete range of file formats is required.

RxView displays and prints more than 250 different file formats

2D CAD drawings
3D CAD Models and draft files
Adobe PDF
MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Scanned raster files - also large formats
Image files
Hybrid formats
Graphics formats

Advanced Functionality

New CAD and Office toolbars for better handling of these formats.
COM-based component architecture displays multiple files simultaneously.
2D drawing support includes; AutoCAD (incl. AutoCAD 2012), MicroStation V8.5, ME10/30, HPGL etc.
Optional 3D support includes; CATIA V5, CATIA V4, PRO/E, Unigraphics, Inventor, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, AutoCAD and STL. 3D files can be rotated, sectioned and measured etc.
Includes multiple and split windows, thumbnail and preview support, view selection, Bird's Eye view, magnifying cursor, layer control, pen table manipulation and Watermark printing.
Multi-page functionality for documents and TIFF files.
Calibration and snap functions for take-off measurements on drawing files.
Previous versions of files can be compared with the differences highlighted.
Use the Shell Extension and RxView is fully integrated into Windows Explorer enabling file preview of supported formats, directly within Explorer.

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